Your Childhood Story!

My childhood story , where do I start, all I know is that it’s filled with up and down like most people, but there more down than up. But like David said in Psalm 118 verse 18.The Lord punished me severely but did not hand me over to death.(The Jewish Bible)To me my childhood was like a punishment, like in wise men saying there is always good in every presumed bad situation or life experiences, mine was not exceptional.

I was born and raised Christian, born out of wed luck, my mother never prepare for my coming, she was a student ;living with her aunt was rape by her Head Master, the result of the rape was me. And because of the incident she could not complete her education. Was force to moved from her to her family in the south west, inexperience mother under severe abuse, she was force to abandon me with my father who was still bachelor at the time, and because my father threatened her that if I die there will be trouble for her entire family. My father have no choice but to bring me to his father who was a divorcee.

My grandfather died when I was about 4 or 5 years old, his death took me to new dimension in life , started to live from foster home to foster home, which gave opportunity to learn different Christian denominations. Baptist, Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Christ Apostolic Church. (CAC). My back ground in the Christian life really make me think and ask questions, like with these churches using one single book and have a lot of differences, as child though was to go to church attend Sunday school , what we are taught never make  sense to me, like God created Adam and Eve, they have two kids, there suppose to be four people on earth at that time, but we read that Cane killed his brother  Able, there suppose to be only three people remaining, but we read that God curse Cane, and Cane asked God to mark him so he may not be killed.

To be Continue.


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